The Making of our New TV Ads

The Making of our New TV Ads

90 crew members, 3 locations, celebrity dogs, a fire-breather and one gigantic throne…

This month, we launched our first nationwide TV campaign, broadcasting two 30 second adverts across ITV, Sky and Freeview channels.

Our “rule the dealership” ads tell the stories of ordinary people, Gary and Lisa, who are empowered, with the help of Zuto, to take complete charge of buying a car and become respective King and Queen of the dealership.

We were honoured to have acclaimed commercial director Harold Einstein of Dummy Films fly in from America to direct our TV ads. Einstein’s recent TV campaigns include Weedol “I’m still weeding’ and the US “Got Milk” series.

Our co-founders, marketing team and one of our car buying experts, Suzie, joined Harold Einstein and 90 crew at 3 UK locations to film scenes at Gary and Lisa’s homes, the dealership and Zuto offices.

The stars of the day were a pair of Northern Inuit dogs called Cami and Wolf. The friendly, highly trained animal actors, who appear in our “Queen of the Dealership” ad, captivated our team and the crew both on and off screen. They were complete pros… but then this wasn’t their first time in the limelight as their siblings also play the direwolves in Game of Thrones.

And our furry friends weren’t the only exotic creatures on-set. Our “Queen of the Dealership” ad also features a Kaleidoscope of blue morph butterflies. That’s right, our breath-taking butterflies weren’t created with special digital effects! They were released live at our car dealership location meaning that it was vital to get the right shot in as few takes as possible.

Overall, filming went incredibly smoothly, thanks to our director and crew’s meticulous attention to detail. Although, there were a few challenges that we had to overcome to capture some of our ads most eye-catching shots. Find out more about these challenges and watch all the action from behind the scenes in the video below:

Haven't seen our ads on TV yet? You can watch them here:

First up: All Hail Ye Gary Tapp...

And second but not least: All Hail Ye Lisa Fitch...

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