The most beautiful car in the world - is Simon Cowell right about the Jaguar Eagle Speedster?

The most beautiful car in the world - is Simon Cowell right about the Jaguar Eagle Speedster?

Is there a better way to celebrate being a dad for the first time than to go out and splash £650,000 on a new Jaguar; evidentially not if your Simon Cowell.

It’s been a busy few months for the music mogul, as he welcomed son Eric into the world in February and the spotlight is firmly back on him now Britain’s Got Talent has returned to our screens.

But back to the car and a quick recap on the backstory of how Cowell came into possession of one of only three models built.

It seems Cowell had his eye on this rare Jaguar Eagle Speedster after spotting Jeremy Clarkson driving it on Top Gear, and reputably spent as much as £650,000 to get his hands on it. In fact, he also sold his Bugatti Veyron to make room for it.

Shortly after, Cowell took to Twitter himself to announce his delight with his latest purchase, stating: “I think this may be the most beautiful car in the world.”

Personally, Jaguar has always been one of my favourite car brands, and when it comes to British-made models, they are one of the best. Of course, this is a little different from the norm, in the sense it’s a reworked Jaguar E-Type by Eagle.

My own soft spot might lean towards an Aston Martin or a Rolls-Royce, but I think handcrafted cars have something extra about them and if you’ve seen Cowell’s Eagle Speedster, you might well agree that it’s a gorgeous model.

I actually remember watching the exact episode of Top Gear when Clarkson himself first gave the model a test drive, and if Cowell saw the same clip, as it appears he did, then it’s no wonder he fell in love with this timeless classic.

Being a rare breed, this model really does add something different from the original E-Type with its new bespoke design. The specifications stack up nicely as well, with 0-60 in five seconds and a top speed of 160mph.

It’s never easy to disagree with Cowell and on this count, while it is subjective, I’d say it is hard to argue that this is one of the most beautiful cars in the world. A top 10 list of the most beautiful cars in the world is something I might start working on.

I guess nothing can quite divide opinion than by asking someone their thoughts on a car, perhaps even more so when it comes attached with an expensive price tag. So let’s put it to you!

What do you think of Cowell’s latest addition to his car collection? Is it as beautiful as he says, or should he have stuck with the Bugatti Veyron?

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