The North West is the Place to be

The North West is the Place to be

You might have heard me mention recently that Car Loan 4U is growing, and has won a few awards for growth/being a great place to work/generally being brilliant. I won’t bore you with another one of those posts. At least not today.

Our growth is relevant to what I want to talk about though. Yesterday Vauxhall announced that they will create an extra 550 jobs in the UK over the next year or so to cope with demand, particularly for their new Astra and Vivaro van.

The Astra will be made at Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port plant right here in Cheshire. I’m proud to be from the North West. When we set up the business and started to grow, there was never a question of moving anywhere else. Our offices in Macclesfield mean we can employ great people from the local area, as well as attract people from Manchester, Liverpool and even further afield. And we get to be surrounded by rolling hills and nice pubs. I think there’s a better work life balance up here and that’s really important.

It’s great seeing opportunities opening up for skilled and talented people in the region. From the BBC to Astra Zeneca there’s some really amazing internationally recognised employers round here, but there are also loads of brilliant independent businesses making an impact.

Sometimes you hear people worrying about “brain drains” and the risk of the best people moving to London, but I don’t see any evidence of that happening. It’s a circle that constantly adds to the region – the more great people there are here the more companies will want to base themselves here, and the more great companies there are the more great people will want to be here. So here’s to the North West and its people – keep leading the way!

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