Things to be aware of for your MOT

Things to be aware of for your MOT

If your MOT is on the horizon, you may be considering how reliable your car is and the cost of any repairs it could need as it gets that little bit older. Did you know in May 2018 some changes were made to the MOT including new categories of faults?

These are some of the things you need to be aware of if your car is due an MOT soon.

What are the categories for an MOT?

A vehicle will either pass or fail its MOT. Within a pass or a fail, a vehicle could have warnings identified, and these are split into categories depending on how severe this warning might be.

There were new categories introduced in 2018 to make it easier for people to understand these warnings and the severity of them, and there are now stricter rules on diesel emissions.

The categories:

Dangerous – any defects marked as dangerous will fail the MOT as a vehicle that is classed as dangerous should not be driven on the road

Major – defects that still mean a vehicle will fail the MOT are marked as major, but not severe enough to be dangerous

Minor – there is a defect on the vehicle, but it is not major enough to fail the MOT

Advisory – there is not a defect yet, but it is likely that one may develop

What happens when a vehicle passes its MOT?

You will receive an MOT certificate from the test centre which may include details of any minors or advisory problems you should be aware of

What happens if a vehicle fails its MOT?

A vehicle will fail it’s MOT if it has any dangerous or major problems. You may still be able to drive the vehicle away if it still has some validity on the original MOT, if there are no ‘dangerous’ problems. If there are, the vehicle will need to be repaired before it can be driven away. You cannot drive a vehicle on the road if the MOT has run out.

If your MOT is on the horizon and you’re thinking about changing or upgrading your car, Zuto can help with that. Try our car finance calculator to work out your budget.

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