Top 5 Estate Cars

The number of estate cars on the market is forever growing and therefore choosing between them can sometimes be difficult. One of the big reasons that you might be looking to buy an estate car is because of the size of the boot.

They're not as big as a 4x4 but offer more room, particularly in boot size, than a lot of hatchbacks or saloons.

We’ve taken a look at 5 estate cars available and the amount of junk you can fit in their trunk. Whether it’s to fit in a couple of buggies for your young children, for Dad’s golf clubs or a weekend away with your beloved dogs, these cars will cater for pretty much any type of trip and you'd be barking mad to ignore these!

Let’s face it, you don’t want to buy an estate car that’s only marginally bigger than a Vauxhall Corsa.

If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it properly! Look after your family pooch, paws a second and make a sensible choice.

Peugeot 308 SW

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I think you’ll agree that recently, Peugeot have upped their game, no more so than with the 308 SW estate. It look great, it’s lighter and can offer fuel consumption of up to 92mpg! Perfect to go to a secluded spot and take your beloved pooch out on a countryside walk.

Boot capacity: 660 litres or 4 adult Labradors

Skoda Superb Estate

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Similar to its little brother, the Octavia estate, Skoda have upped their game, offering a seriously roomy boot size as well as reliability and comfort. This isn’t one to be snubbed.

Boot capacity: 660 litres – 4 Labradors again

Skoda Octavia Estate

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Traditionally, Skoda weren’t the most sought after model of car, but in more recent times, they are proving as popular as any other mid-range car on the market. If you’re stuck in your opinions on the Skoda brand, then nothing will change it, but they shouldn’t be disregarded!

Boot capacity: 610 litres or three Labradors and a couple of Jack Russell's

Mazda Tourer Estate

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A rival to the likes of the BMW, this practical yet comfortable car offers that little taste of luxury, but closer in price to the Skoda and Peugeot, meaning you can get the best of both worlds. And you can even get three more cans of Coke in the boot!

Boot capacity: 506 litres or two Labradors, a Jack Russell and a Chihuahua.

BMW 3 Series Touring Estate

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A slightly more expensive and executive estate car, combining practicality and elegance as one, the 3 series Touring estate offers a relatively smaller boot to the other models, but still plenty big enough. Offering a fantastic drive and good economy, if you’re looking for a more upmarket estate car, this could be for you.

Boot capacity: Two Labradors and a Corgi

Please note, no actual dogs were harmed in the production of this blog.

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