90% of drivers left in the dust when it comes to vehicle history

90% of drivers left in the dust when it comes to vehicle history
Source: RAC/Express.co.uk

When buying a used car there are a lot of unknowns, especially when it comes to the vehicles past history. One wrong purchase, and a car's murky past can come back to haunt your present.

So we were shocked to see research from the RAC showing that 90% of British car buyers are buying used cars without checking the car history first. Adding insult to injury, it was estimated that around £6billion is spent fixing their hidden problems.

Like most things in life, it pays to know what you’re buying, which is why we provide unlimited free vehicle and history checks for all of our customers - meaning the unknown quickly becomes a well informed decision with a car’s full history at your disposal.

Last year alone, we declined just under three percent of vehicles due to their past history – not a large number you might say, but a blessing for those customers who were thinking of taking the plunge to buy them.

Car checks are even more important now that the Government has also scrapped the Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) scheme. Stopped in November of this year, the scheme was designed to stop stolen cars being passed off as 'written-off and repaired' vehicles, the scheme’s removal now leaves consumers at risk of purchasing a dodgy motor.

So why check the history of a car? Surely if it runs then it’s ok?

However, there are several questions used car buyers should know the answer to, before purchasing a vehicle, that can’t be identified by a test drive alone. These include:

Our partners at AutoTrader discovered that 1 in 8 cars were written off by insurers in 2014, with 1 in 9 cars being sold with outstanding finance on it. They also confirmed that a whopping 71,158 vehicles sold in 2014 were also reported stolen.

James Wilkinson, CEO for Zuto, commented: “At Zuto, we want every customer to feel secure and confident that they are making sound investments in their vehicle purchases through us, which is why we go to extra lengths performing free vehicle and history checks. This protects our customers by highlighting problems recorded about vehicles and confirming that the purchase price is fair before cars, motorbikes or vans are financed.”

If you’re thinking of buying and would like to check its history, get in contact with one of our Car Buying Experts and see how they can help.

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