Vans Are Taking Over The Road

Vans Are Taking Over The Road

Earlier this month MotorTradeBook reported that the UK van market grew again in August, following some good growth throughout the year. In fact, there’s a 19.1% year-on-year increase in van sales.

At Car Loan 4U, this is a trend we’ve noticed as well. We have a Specialist Vehicle section which deals only in non-car related finance, so we have specialist advisors for van finance. They’ve seen used van sales increase throughout 2014, with sales in August up 164% on August 2013.

The good old Ford Transit is by far the most popular model we finance, which is not particularly surprising as Ford dominates the used car market as well. Reliability, easy access to parts and qualified mechanics, and consistently reasonable prices makes it a firm favourite. Over a third of our van sales in June, July and August of this year were Ford Transits, with the Vauxhall Vivaro taking second place.

MotorTradeBook reports that new van sales for Peugeot are booming, and speculate that this is thanks to the release of the new boxer, and that Renault are also doing well in the new van market with 59% uplift year on year thanks to the new Trafic model. Renault Trafic was our third bestselling used van for the months of June – August, but perhaps we’ll see an increase in future if more models are on the market.

It’s obviously a good sign for the automotive industry that new van sales are increasing, but it’s also positive that used sales are increasing as well. Buying a van is often an investment in a personal business and it’s great that people are choosing light commercial vehicles and other flexible options.

If you’re interested in van finance, put in an application and one of our specialist advisors will be in touch.

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