Warning – do you know your dashboard?

Warning – do you know your dashboard?

Dashboards can be confusing, every driver knows that. But, it’s pretty essential that you know what you’re dealing with when a light starts blinking at you. Fancy finding out how much you know?

We realise that testing your knowledge on your dashboard may seem like a strange thing to do, especially as you have a handbook to tell you what they mean. But if you’re cruising along the motorway at 70mph, miles from a service station where you can look at the handbook, it’d be useful to know what your car’s trying to tell you.

And, as thousands of Brits simply ignore warning lights to the point of breakdown each year, a quick brush-up of your skills is nothing but a good thing. It’ll help you avoid becoming a breakdown statistic, and might save you some money too – generally speaking, the longer you leave something, the more it costs to repair.

So, take our test to see how you fair in the dashboard challenge. And, if you’re proud of your result, get on social media and challenge your friends to match it – we know you like a bit of competition.

Good luck!

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