Fast Dates: Will Mali and Patrick find love in the fast lane?

For our first spin in the Fast Dates-mobile, we matched up Mali, 23, and Patrick, 22. Both of them made the trip to Blyton Park from Leeds, where Mali works in Digital Media and Patrick works as a sound technician.

Are they meant to be? Or will they take the first pit stop as an excuse to run off for the bus home? Watch Mali and Patrick's date to find out!

We give all of our prospective dates a matchmaker's questionnaire, just to make sure they're not totally mismatched. Here are their answers – will it work at high speed?

Describe yourself in three words.

Mali: Short, blonde, and nice.

Patrick: Short, dark, and handsome.

Booster seats all around, then?

Favourite car?

Mali: The Fiat 500

Patrick: Bond's Aston Martin

Both of them are gonna be out of luck: it's a Mazda CX-5. But you can't have everything...

Favourite band?

Mali: Kanye West

Patrick: Arctic Monkeys

Hmm. Seems a bit of an odd pairing, but Alex Turner's ego is approaching Yeezy size lately, we reckon. They'll work it out.

Claim to fame?

Mali: Acting as an extra in Emmerdale and Hollyoaks.

Patrick: Getting a thumbs up from Nile Rodgers.

Both stories for the history books, those.

Weird crush?

Mali: Phillip Schofield

Patrick: Helen Mirren

So they've both got a thing for grey hair – a good sign that they could grow old together? Tell us what you think on Facebook or Twitter @Zuto with #FastDates.


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