Fast Dates: Will Rachel and Ian hit it off or hit the brakes?

This time we've got Rachel, 26, and Ian, 31, cosying up on the Prosecco-stained seats of our driver Cupid's Mazda. Rachel works in marketing and Ian's a graphic designer.

Will they hit it off or hit the brakes? Watch Rachel and Ian's date and see how they get on:

We gave them both a matchmaker's questionnaire to make sure they'd get on at least a little bit. All successful blind dates are based on a bare minimum of having one or two things in common, after all – no matter what the speed.

Describe yourself in three words.

Rachel: Fun, boisterous, extroverted.

Ian: Ambitious, hilarious, balding.

Boisterous and balding – sounds like a perfect match already.

Favourite car?

Rachel: Porsche Boxster

Ian: Ferrari

They both like fast, expensive cars. Incredible!

Favourite band?

Rachel: Elle King

Ian: Mumford and Sons

This is getting weird. They both have a fondness for the banjo? Better book the wedding venue.

You're stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want with you?

Rachel: Knife, blanket, a human being.

Ian: Fishing rod, knife, lighter.

Is it slightly terrifying that they both said knife? Yes. Yes it is. Is it more terrifying that one of them just said an unspecified human being? Definitely.

Weird crush?

Rachel: Eddie Redmayne

Ian: Lois from Family Guy

Two notable fake redheads? They'll both be equally disappointed in each other, then. We reckon these two could just be our winners. Do you agree? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter @Zuto with #FastDates.


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