What’s Stopping You Buying an Electric Car?

What’s Stopping You Buying an Electric Car?

What’s your perception of electric cars? Expensive? Impractical? Totally irrelevant to your life?

You wouldn’t be alone if you felt this way. A recent Government survey into public attitudes to electric vehicles found that the majority of people hold these views and are either reluctant to give up petrol or diesel, or just plain haven’t even considered it. 69%, in fact, responded that that they “haven’t really thought about it”. The idea of owning an electric car just hasn’t permeated the public consciousness yet.

It is a change in routine, that’s for sure, charging a car rather than just filling it up in a few minutes at a petrol station. While 40% of respondents said that recharging was the main factor putting them off, other reasons were listed too. Cost is a huge concern for people, as despite subsidies and lower overall life cost, the upfront price of an electric vehicle is still higher than a fossil fuel equivalent.

Of course, as discussed in this Telegraph piece, it’s not just cars and every day drivers who can make the switch. Farm vehicles can be looked at, and some bus companies have already switched to hybrids.

Last year we financed the first ever MIA in the UK. You can read an interview with the happy owner.

If you’re one of the 69% who’ve never thought about buying an electric car, or maybe you have looked into it but rejected the idea, what would help you change your mind? Lower prices? More charge points? Better range? Or maybe just more education or advertising about the options?

If you’re one of the people who has made the switch or you’re open to the idea, what convinced you? Are things like charging and cost just obstacles that you’re happy to overcome?

Let us know your thoughts below.

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