World Car Free Day

World Car Free Day

Today is World Car Free Day. It's aimed at highlighting environmental issues and to encourage the public to spend a day on their bicycles or to walk. Here at Zuto, we also see it as the perfect day to conduct some essential car TLC and make sure your car is ready for the British winter. To help we've included a check-list of the things to look out for.


The harsh winter conditions really take their toll on your cars battery. Make sure both the battery and charging system are fully functioning to ensure you're never caught short in the coming months.

Car tuning

Again, the winter conditions can make the simplest of little problems on your car ten times worse. If you have a little chip on your windscreen, your car's struggling to start or just a little bit sluggish, this can all become amplified during the winter.


Your tyres will need to work extra hard in the slippery, cold conditions, so make sure they have enough tread to handle the conditions and that they are at the correct pressure level. These sort of checks really need to be done on a weekly basis, so as to avoid any unnecessary slipping and sliding.


Need we say any more?! The vital part of any car's safety is ensuring that the brakes work effectively. Add in slippery, icy roads and brakes become even more vital! - In icy conditions, stopping distances can increase by ten times, so having fully operational brakes is vital.


Make sure your car as enough anti-freeze. This is the coloured liquid found in your radiator, preventing your engine and radiator from freezing in cold temperatures. If unsure what type of anti-freeze to use, be sure to consult a qualified mechanic.

Alongside anti-freeze, oil levels are another thing that needs to be regularly checked. You can check your oil by using the dip stick, located in the engine. The oil level should be between the minimum and maximum levels that are indicated.

Ice Scraper

A very simple tool but as winter hits, your car will become frosted overnight, meaning you will need to get up 10 minutes earlier to clear the windscreen. Use a specific ice scraper, not a credit card or anything else you find in your foot well or glove-box, and ensure that your windscreen and back window are completely clear, before setting off on any journey.

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