What does pre-approved for finance mean?

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When you apply for car finance, there’s a two-step process you must go through – being pre-approved and being fully approved.

Pre-approval offers a provisional decision based on the information you’ve given. It’ll include personal details, information about your employment, and your address details for the last three years. This information is then used to perform a credit check. Lenders will also have their own criteria for applicants to meet. If they’re happy with what they see, they’ll offer you a pre-approval.

To make this into a full approval, the lender needs to know what car you’d like to buy, then see your ID and supporting documents. If they’re happy that the car meets their criteria, and you pass all their ID checks, which help protect you and the lender from fraud, you will be offered finance.

It’s important to note that until you’re given final approval, your request for finance can be rejected by the lender. And this is true even if you’ve been pre-approved.

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