Motorists left out in the cold by lack of winter preparation

Motorists left out in the cold by lack of winter preparation

One in four British drivers could be in for a surprise cost during the cold months, after admitting they don’t perform basic winter car maintenance, new figures have revealed.

The research, which was commissioned by car finance expert, Zuto, showed that a quarter of motorists have broken down during the cold period. And with the average repair work costing upward of £220 per motorist - that is one unforeseen costs that won't be covered by Santa this year.

The research marks the launch of Zuto’s Winter TLC campaign, which aims to educate motorists on the importance of correctly looking after their car throughout the cold weather.

Almost half of drivers admitted to not checking their anti-freeze or oil, which could lead to the engine dangerously overheating, while a further 61 per cent revealed that they would never consider buying specialist winter tyres. This comes despite one in seven motorists also revealing that they don’t have emergency breakdown cover.

The figures also revealed which emergency items drivers considered most important to keep in their car, with phone chargers and de-icer ranking first and second followed lastly by water, tyre kits and food.

James Wilkinson, CEO of Zuto, commented: “It makes complete sense to look after your car throughout the winter, and at all other times of the year, as it will then look after you. A few minutes’ maintenance could see your motor through the worst the weather has to offer, which is why we have launched our Winter TLC campaign. The last two winters have brought with them record-setting snowfall, and with the weather forecast for this year looking unpredictable, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Taking the time now will help ensure that the car is one less thing to worry about this winter.”

Top ranked items that Brits carry in their car for break down emergencies:

  1. Phone charger

  2. De-icer/ice scraper

  3. Blanket

  4. Clothes

  5. Shovel

  6. High Vis Jacket

  7. Hot Drink

  8. Water

  9. Tyre Kit

  10. Food

To help drivers fully prepare for the cold weather snap, Zuto is offering the chance for one lucky driver to win a free a free Halfords Ultimate Winter Service and Care Kit bundle here, plus four runner up prizes.

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