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Eco-friendly cars with the best MOT pass rate

Eco-friendly cars with the best MOT pass rate

As the UK shifts to electric and hybrid cars, we discover how your favourite models hold up in their annual MOT. Find out the top 15 pass rates.

Ever wondered how electric and hybrid cars get on when it comes to MOTs? Well, pretty well, it seems.

According to our study, the Lexus RX is one of the best hybrid and electric cars, with the highest MOT pass rate from the current crop of vehicles – more than 95%.

This was swiftly followed by the Mercedes-Benz E (94.44%) and another Lexus in the Lexus GS (94.29%), which both perform well in the annual test of roadworthiness.

How we worked it out

To determine the best hybrid cars in the UK, our team crunched official UK government data from more than a million MOT tests conducted in 2021, to calculate the MOT pass rates of current electric car brands, from Tesla and Toyota to Lexus and Hyundai.

Across our research, MOT performance is generally good, with the top 30 vehicles all achieving 85% or higher. Our analysis comes as electric cars are growing in popularity with British buyers, and, as the UK government plan to phase-out sales of petrol and diesel cars from 2030, many people are opting for EVs.

At Zuto, we want to make it easier for our customers to buy an electric car, and we hope this research does just that. So, let’s explore the rest of the data – or, if you’re still unsure which EV fuel type to choose, read out guide explaining the differences between hybrid and electric cars.

Top 15 electric and hybrid car MOT pass rates

1. Lexus RX – 95.92%

2. Mercedes-Benz E – 94.44%

3. Lexus GS – 94.29%

4. Toyota Corolla– 94.12%

5. LEVC TX– 93.98%

6. Lexus NX – 93.39%

7. Lexus IS – 92.16%

8. Toyota C-HR – 91.08%

9. LEVC TX Vista Comfort Plus – 91.04%

10. Suzuki Swift – 90.91%

11.  Toyota RAV4 – 90.16%

12. Mini Countryman – 89.83%

13. Hyundai Ioniq– 89.64%

14. Tesla Model S – 89.57%

15. Kia Niro – 89.46%

When looking at the top spots, the Toyota Corolla also ranks highly, with a pass rate of 94.12% - enough to claim fourth place. Meanwhile, the well-known Tesla Models S places 14th, with an 89.57% pass rate.

How did other electric and hybrid car models rank?

Take a look at some of the other results to see how other models compare – what’s noticeable is that our top 30 goes no lower than an 85% pass rate:

16.  Audi A3 – 88.89%

17.  BMW I8 – 88.89%

18.  Suzuki Ignis – 88.75%

19.  Mercedes-Benz C – 88.58%

20.  BMW 330 – 88.24%

21.  Toyota Yaris – 88.01%

22.  Volkswagen Golf – 87.69%

23.  Lexus RX450H – 85.97%

24.  Tesla Model X – 86.21%

25.  BMW I3 – 86.19%

26.  Volkswagen Passat – 86.11%

27.  Mitsubishi Outlander – 86.03%

28.  Nissan Leaf – 86.02%

29.  Volvo XC90 – 85.95%

30. BMW X5 – 85.90%

Lexus continues its MOT success rate with the Lexus RX450H at 85.97%, while Mercedes continues a strong run, following up its second-place E model with the Mercedes C in 19th (88.58%).

With rates ranging from almost 96% to 85%, these electric and hybrid cars showcase consistently high pass rates, so you can feel confident choosing between the best eco-friendly cars for your lifestyle.

Ready to secure your own electric or hybrid car? Discover the wide range of car finance options at Zuto and receive a quote from us today.

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