Driving safe in winter

Driving safe in winter

The winter months are now upon us and the weather can often cause drivers problems getting from A to B. Whether it’s snow, rain, fog or frost, it’s important to take the elements into consideration when getting behind the wheel.

No matter what the weather, there’s a few things you may want to do in order to prepare for your journey. So, take a look at our winter essentials blog, for all the handy tips and must-have's.

It's also important to be cautious when out on the road. To help, we pulled together some top tips for the most common weather over the next few months.

Driving in heavy rain

Driving in the rain is a common occurrence in the UK but there’s a few handy tips to consider:

Driving in snow

Us brits aren’t the best at dealing with snow so the below should help you remain King/Queen of the road.

Driving in icy conditions

With ice, take on board the advice for both rain and snow – it applies more than ever! Often a lot more difficult to spot than snow or rain, some may say it’s the most dangerous of weather to drive in. Stopping distances will be longer, skids are more likely, wheel spins may take place and glare off the road may occur.

Whatever the weather during the winter months, be sure to take care and try and take on board all the advice above.

If you have any other useful tips for driving in adverse weather conditions, be sure to share them on our Twitter or Facebook page.

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