Winter essentials for your car

Winter essentials for your car

With the winter months closing in, it’s very important to ensure you are prepared for the colder temperatures and change in the weather.

Whilst we may not get the weather as bad as some countries, Jack Frost can be cruel. So we’ve decided to give you some essential top tips to help battle the freeze!


So many of us get caught out with this. We wake up to go to work and get in the car, only to find a thick layer of frost engulfing it. De-icer is the obvious solution to this, spraying windows, car handles and locks to get rid of the pesky chill.

Please refrain from going to your kitchen and grabbing a kettle full of boiling water to pour all over – the clash of temperatures of boiling water and freezing cold glass may cause the windscreen to crack …and nobody wants that!

Ice scraper

All too often we see drivers trying to de-ice their windows using a credit card. It takes ages. You’ll get cold hands and you may find your card snaps in half, then you’ve got bigger problems!

If you haven’t got any de-icer or you’ve run out, make sure you’ve got a proper ice scraper (you can usually pick one up from the petrol station for a couple of quid). We guarantee it will make the job much less laborious and you will be inside your nice warm car in no time.


Mainly for those of you who park on driveways, spreading salt both before the end of the day and first thing in the morning should help reduce the ice build-up overnight and will help to melt the ice in the morning, making it easier to drive on and off.

Small shovel

If the weather has been particularly adverse overnight, you may need a shovel to clear the snow from around your vehicle, allowing you a smooth get away, as well as making it easier to park on your return home.

Gloves and a woolly hat

If you’re going to have to clear snow and ice from your car, make sure that you’re well wrapped up, with your trusty woolly hat and gloves. You may think you’ll only be out in the cold for a couple of minutes, but if the temperatures are particularly low, you’ll want to be as warm as possible.

Other ideas for the winter months are items such as a windscreen cover to try and reduce the amount of frost and ice on your windscreen and jump leads as the colder temperature may affect your car battery.

For more help with caring for your car, let us tell you some useful ways to keeping your motor in order.

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